Kasteel van Gaasbeek


Gaasbeek Castle is a protected monument. We endorse the importance of integral accessibility and make efforts to make the castle as accessible as possible for a wide range of visitors. However, given the historic character of the building, there are some restrictions. If you have any more questions concerning the accessibility, you can contact our public service department on: +32 (0)2 531 01 40 or via kasteelvangaasbeek@vlaanderen.be .

Accessibility info

  • From the parking lot, it’s a 600m walk to the castle, the last 50m consists of cobblestones. Upon request, the car can be driven to the entrance of the castle to drop someone off.
  • Most of the exhibition spaces in the castle can not be reached with a wheelchair.
  • The expo runs over several floors, there are only accessible via stairs (27 stairs to the first floor, 50 more to the upper room but you can skip this room if desired).
  • There are narrow passages (70cm) in the castle
  • The underground of the inner garden is very difficult to ride on with a wheelchair
  • The Museum garden is accessible with a wheelchais, however the access road is steep so guidance is needed.

✓ Reduction rate for persons with disabilities and free access for their companion
✓ 2 parking spaces for people with a disability
✓ You can drive to the castle by car upon request
✓ Care table
✓ Extra facilities for people with a hearing impairment (adapted audio guide, a print of the text of the audio tour)
✓ Extra facilities for people with a visual impairment (adapted audio guide, scale model of the castle, customized tour)
✓ Assistance dogs are allowed
✓ Child-friendly (adapted audio guide, family tours, activities for children)
✓ Portable folding seats available to take along through the castle

Do you have remaining questions concerning your visit to the castle? Do not hesitate to contact us: +32 (0)2 531 01 40 or kasteelvangaasbeek@vlaanderen.be